Concussion Clinics and Programs

Amen Clinic

Cognitive FX USA

Cognitive FX (numerous doctors/therapists): my scientific miracle! They perform a brain scan unlike any other. It allows them to determine the areas of your brain that aren’t functioning correctly after a brain injury. They monitor 60 areas of the brain, while you perform cognitive tasks. This shows Dr. Mark Allen which areas of your brain are not getting enough blood flow & which areas are compensating by taking extra blood. They tailor treatment to YOUR brain. And after 5 days of treatment, you’re a new person! It’s truly unbelievable. It’s located in Provo, UT.  


Neuro-Day Program at Wentworth Douglas Hospital (WDH)

 I can’t speak at length of this treatment because I did not stay in this for very long as my symptoms were too severe. However, I did find them helpful. I also really like that WDH has the neuro program in place. Your providers are a team so they can talk to each other and bounce ideas. WDH also has the Wentworth Douglas Care van to pick you up and bring you home for appointments since for many driving is not an option at certain points in recovery/ very taxing to do before an appointment. I found they weren't equipped to deal with the severity of my symptoms so I had to seek alternate treatment.


Plasticity Brain Centers

University of Vermont Concussion Clinic (Doctor Rachel Barlow)

I was so excited that UVM had a concussion clinic…until I went. They had a long waitlist and when I finally got in I was severely underwhelmed. Doctor Barlow had little bedside manner and just tried drugs that didn’t work for me and recommended me to PT, speech, and OT. Maybe this would work for some, but it was not the right fit for me and was really discouraging. 


Illinois Neurological Institution

They were my saving grace. I found out that I had post concussion syndrome and that I wasn’t crazy. It’ll be 3 years this September since my accident. The fight to try and overcome this is most definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever faced.

Jess Jansler