Cranio-Sacrum Therapy

Going to a cranial specialist is important because they open up the pathways to allow the brain to drain. This is a medical specialty and you should not under any circumstances entrust your delicate fractured neck to just any ordinary Chiropractor. After your spinal vetebrae get fractured and have healed, there is often scar tissue. This area gets pinched and blood flow gets diminished. This is a physical way that you can maximize the flow and reduce pain. This therapy maximized the benefits of HBOT treatments. Therapist seeks to release the natural spinal rhythm and flossing that should be in the spine and in the body tissues. There is a subtle rhythmic very slow breathing motion in the spine. It is a physical thing, it's not "energy." When there is an injury, whether an old one  or a new one, that natural rhythmic pulse can be decreased or absent in that area of the body due to micro scarring in the tissues. Cranio-sacral therapy helps to mobilize that scarring, or resuscitate it, back to the normal motion patterns that should be there. This helps to optimize circulation and nerve function. The cranio-sacral motion has been compared to the "breath" of the lungs. Or the beat of the heart--a circulation method....But it is the "breath" of the spine--a slow 12 second breath that moves in a sine-wave, more or less, physically speaking. When the breath or rhythm is resuscitated to the area, then it continues to heal from that point onward, because the area is now mobilized, continuing to improve function, circulation, and nerve impulses. Cranio-Sacral technique is a field that originated in Osteopathy about 100 years ago, and is now practiced by certain Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists. 

This treatment was suggested by Shawn Dollar

Reviews of Treatment by Patients 

 Dr. Sylvia brought me out of cervical vertebrae neck pain on a regular basis and brought my body into alignment. This therapy maximized the benefits of my HBOT treatments.  

Shawn Dollar/Sylvia Skefich (Chiropractor) in Santa Cruz, CA

Cranial work was really amazing at helping my neck relax and release tension. My neck was super tight from the whiplash, so this helped blood flow go up to my brain.

Thomas Lundgard/Harriet Segelcke (Chiroprator) in Half Moon Bay, CA

I tried Cranio-Sacral Therapy because a friend had recommended it, and literally took me to my first appointment.  This therapy was so powerful.  On the first visit, I felt so much release of the tightness in my head, it seriously felt so much lighter.  There was a strong emotional release that also occured during these treatments.  Cathy's energy is incredibly soothing, I have never been so relaxed in my life.  I honestly don't understand much about how this therapy works, but it is really wonderful.  I could feel the energy moving through my body and felt that this was very calming to my nervous system.  My headaches really improved as well as my pain levels, as I had to have surgery for a herniated disc in my neck as a result of the accident.  I would absolutely recommend this therapy to anyone trying to heal from any injury or illness, as it is incredibly restorative.  

Sarah Verlinde/Cathy Schneider in Toledo, OH

Osteopaths are freaking awesome. Apparently, they study the human anatomy in so much detail, that when they put 2 and 2 together, it becomes 6. And they’re always right. Often, they also master the art of Western Acupuncture. Mapping out your injury and the aftermath of it becomes a lot easier with an osteopath in your team. Get them working with a physiotherapist and a neurologist and you’ve got a dream team. In the Helsinki area, I recommend Tuukka Häkkinen (Helsingin Urheiluhieronta) and Pasi Paksunen (Back Bone Clinic).  

Robson Lindberg

This treatment helped me in my recovery but I was never consistent with it.

Harley Rose Taich/Esther Platner in San Diego, CA