Elimination Diet

An elimination diet is a Chinese practice to find foods that work with your body. The patient will strip out all foods that can potentially cause distress in the body: Gluten, Night Shades, Red Meat, Dairy, Raw Foods, etc. Then over time food is introduced back into the diet. The patient stops eating the food if symptoms arise. This practice is common place in Chinese medicine and many times, this diet leads to an Anti-inflammation Diet. 

Patient Reviews 

The Chinese have an upper hand when it comes to medicine, they have been practicing it for 3000 years. And they’re good at it. Why? Because they listen. They actually touch the patient and everything is centered around your energy levels. Nutrition is the key element in Chinese medicine and it should be a key factor in your recovery. Now, I’m into learning and especially about nutrition. I thought I was really knowledgeable in the area. Enter Chinese Medicine and my good friend Lisa Ahlström, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine MTOM, DAOM, when she checked my energy levels and gut, she wondered how I could be alive. They were that low. I had been shoveling down, smoothies, salads and a ton of raw food down my throat like there was no tomorrow. While believing I was one healthy son of a gun. WRONG! Apparently, raw food doesn’t suit me at all and sucks a ton of energy out of me. I have now avoided raw and cold food for 6 months and I’m feeling like a champion. It took me around 4 weeks to feel the effects. And Lisa’s acupuncture is God sent! Lisa works in the Helsinki area.

Robson Lindberg

 For my diet I now only eat: Fish ( salmon), Turkey, Nuts ( any and all types), Fruit ( any and all types), Vegetable ( any and all types ), Loads of water! About two cups of coffee ( to help with the fatigue) ( one when I first wake up and one by 3 pm. Because that’s when my personal fatigue starts), Pedialyte, Homemade Fruit and vegetable shakes

I avoid: Chicken, Red meat, Soda, Sugary drinks, High sodium foods, Chips, Cheese ( I love it but every time I eat it I get sluggish and fatigue faster) and any greasy foods I tend to stay away from as well ( I feel sluggish and fatigue faster as well).

Jessica Brooks

 Diet is huge. I have to stay clear of addictive foods, they make me sleepy. Addictive foods were a coping mechanism which helped me survive. When I was a kid, I would use sugar to escape from the aienxty of trauma and that was a relaxing way to settle my hyper active self down. By eating several sweets I created a crash cycle. I went to a naturopath and found what foods I was allergic to. This has helped a lot in my recovery.

John Bukaty