Essential Oils

Patient Experiences

I use Young Living Essential oils: 

1) Lavendar essential oil for headaches & sleep disturbances. Diffuse 5 drops (large room) for 1 hour 3 x daily or 1 hour just before bed. Also use Lavendar oil in bath before bed along with meditation for a restful sleep. Lavendar on temples and back of neck for headache management

2) Bergamont for focus. Diffuse 5 drops (large room) 1 hour 3 x daily. Apply on bottom of feet to help with focus

3) Ylang Ylang for mood stability. Diffuse 5 drops for 1 hour 3 x daily 

4) Panaway for muscle pains. with a carrier oil rub on desired area

5) Valor to help with social anxiety or general anxiety. Rub on wrist and back of neck

6) Peppermint, I diffuse 3 drops for 1 hour for migrane and nausea

Kelsie Igasan

I use:

Peppermint Oil to help me sleep. I rub one drop onto the ball of my feet each night before I get into bed.

Audrey Lambidakis

 Peppermint and lavender combos seem to help with migraines and nausea. 

Kellie Pokrifka