Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment (HBOT)

Essentially Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is delivered by you entering a tube structure, like deep sea divers might decompress in. You enter, and stay inside for a doctor-prescribed time period. The pressure inside can be adjusted and changed. The point is to push more oxygen into your brain for healing. It’s the same kind of tube that a deep sea diver would use if they had the bends.    When you are in the tube you are breathing pure oxygen and dropped down to a pressure that would mimic being in 10-12 feet of water. The oxygen you are breathing oxygenates your blood and is easily able to push through the blood brain barrier and start to bring fresh oxygenated blood to the brain. It also helps to drain the toxic fluids in the injured brain and brings down the inflammation. With HBOT your cells start to regenerate much more quickly, due to the high oxygenation, and you also start to create Stem Cells at a higher rate. These processes start healing your body very quickly. Being in ‘the tube’ is relaxing and you can watch movies to pass the time. The lack of blood flow to the brain is the main reason concussions take so long to recover and are so challenging. Not enough blood is getting to the brain normally to heal the damaged area.

This treatment was suggested by Shawn Dollar


Scott Sherr - New York and the Bay Area in California 

Paul G. Harch M.D. - New Orleans

Harriet Segelcke (Chiroprator) - Half Moon Bay, CA

Reviews of treatment by Patients 

 The first time I did HBOT I felt a huge improvement. I could think more clearly, I was faster mentally and just felt better overall. I could literally feel my brain working better and the relief that this brought was profound. I can’t stress enough how much HBOT can quickly and safely heal a concussion or TBI. If you can get in there very quickly after your accident you can actually reverse the damage in a few treatments (in some cases), and be back to normal. I was on the extreme side due to years of surfing and very heavy wipeouts, and I needed 80+ treatments. This was due to all the many years of damage that had accumulated from supposedly ‘minor’ concussions. HBOT took my brain to a 50% recovery.

Shawn Dollar /Scott Sherr - New York and the Bay Area in California


I did HBOT through a government study in New Orleans. Dr. Harch does lots of studies so look into it for some free treatments. I got 40 free. HBOT significantly changed my recovery. This treatment was the first time I had received anytime of relief. The sooner you get in a tub the better the results will be. However, you have to be extremely careful. Patients can "overdose" on this treatment. I suggest reading Dr. Harch's book The Oxygen Revolution

Audrey Lambidakis /Paul G. Harch M.D. - New Orleans

I used HBOT for 3 weeks in San Jose to treat my concussion sustained in Portugal and noticed gradual improvements in my overall well being.

Nic Lamb/Scott Sherr - New York and the Bay Area in California

This was a huge help for me! Did 40 sessions to start with. Felt amazing after and the positive affects kept growing after I was finished. In the process of doing 20 more to top it off. I couldn’t recommend HBOT enough.

Thomas Lundgard /Harriet Segelcke (Chiroprator) - Half Moon Bay, CA

This was one of the first treatments I did. Unfortunately I passed out after my first treatment so they wouldn’t let me come back due to liability reasons. I never tried it again so I can’t say it helped me because I never continued treatment. I do know others who have seen improvement and say that it has helped them a lot.

Harley Rose Taich