Hormone Therapy

 When you have a head injury you go into massive and chronic inflammation. Inflammation causes cell death and can lead to immune system problems and, some medical professionals believe, cancer. This inflammatory process over long periods of time begins to stress organs and to shut down functions of the body and throw everything out of whack. This is why I was in a downward spiral after 4 months post head injury – instead of feeling better. I was getting worse because the inflammation was out of control and wrecking my body.    Through a blood panel tests the doctor can see and diagnose where your deficiencies are - then work to raise and normalize your levels with supplements and hormones.    

For example, when you hit your head (if you are a male) it’s very typical you become deficient in testosterone and high in estrogen. For a guy this is a big problem. I was put on a number of supplements. The most interesting things were that many are the building blocks to the brain like DHA and pregnenalone. In the long term you give your body the help it needs to find its healthy balance again. Then you can remove yourself form the supplements. It’s not a permanent thing.  

For more information fill free to listen: Podcast on Hormone Therapy

This treatment was recommended by Shawn Dollar

Review of Treatment by Patients

If HBOT took my brain to a 50% recovery, I would say Hormone Therapy took me to 75% healed, overall. This has had huge lasting impacts. I felt and now feel much better. My body began to balance itself out and started to return to my old athletic self in some ways. 

Shawn Dollar/Mark Gordon M.D. - Global

Get your bloodwork done and analyzed. In many cases, the fatigue can be explained by hormone deficiencies. Get all the tests done you can.

Robson Lindberg