Muse Meditation

This devise goes around your head like a headband and monitored brain activity while you meditate. To understand more about this treatment please see their website:

I am awful at meditation. My physical therapist told me I was not “great” at relaxing, and my internal response was aggressively defending how I am the absolute BEST at relaxing. Oddly enough, this did not convince her otherwise. — Muse is perfect for me because it is constantly telling me whether I am doing it correctly or not. It uses EEG electrodes to read your brain waves and determine your state of relaxation. Meditation is so critical after TBI. It helps to free up energy to be used on brain repair which otherwise would be spent on stress and anxiety. It increases GABA, our relaxing neurotransmitter. It helps to calm limbic kindling. Take 5 minutes out of your day to meditate and help fix your broken brain!

Kellie Pokrifka