Music Therapy

Has saved my life. I remember when football was over and I slept forever. I thought I was depressed, I thought I was lazy. I now know my brain was injured and It needed to heal. Pulling your car over in the middle of the day to take a nap was a regular thing. And the kind of Sleep I was having was like passing out cold kind of sleep. 

Music was the only thing that stimulated my brain, live music. I only felt complete at those times. So I followed it. I went and saw it I danced and danced I ended up making a career out of it. Science shows that the brain is lit up all over when music is playing. So for me when I activate my brain I am only then able to make my art, it flows and I find the zone preferably live music and the chaos actually helps my work, I gues it’s the extravert in me.  Music heals fact.
I don’t recommend painting to live music for everyone because I have heard painting isn’t always a good trauma healing, it can bring stuff up for children. I am evolving into more of a peaceful setting now with Music, now that I have healed a lot some live music is overwhelming and I have to follow the peace and leave certain styles but I am also tinkering with different apps that have brainwave music and sounds that heal. I believe this is going to help a lot. I also love sound baths, where they make all sorts of sounds with crystals Tibetan Buddhist singing bowls, the vibrations are so healing and make for a great relaxing meditation.

I turn on the sound of jazz and it stimulates my brain to its full capacity at the same time brings me at ease and that is when I start painting. I paint the sound of music.

John Bukaty