Neuro Prolo

A licensed anesthesiologist, a medical doctor, uses an ultrasound machine to see pinched nerves or damaged areas. He then inserts a small needle filled with Dextros between the nerve and the impacted area. The Dextros or “sugar water” calms the nerve and also gives it space to not be impacted or pinched. The treatment lasts a few days in terms of pain relief. The pain does come back – but only at about 50% of the prior intensity (according to Shawn's experience). A week or two later you do it again and that usually drops it down another increment of 50% of pain level. You repeat the process breaks the pain cycle, until your body is out of pain - or you can manage the reduced pain on your own. There are no known side effects. This therapy is way better for you than Opioid pain killers. Chronic pain is a huge problem for head injury patients. This cutting edge therapy stops the cycle of chronic pain. 

This treatment was suggested by Shawn Dollar

Reviews of Treatments by Pataients

Initially, I was in a tremendous amount of acute pain every day from my broken neck. Injuries close to the spinal cord can drive you insane the pain is so very intense. I took myself off of the Opioid pain killers that were having radical side effects, but the result was migraines daily. I was sometimes throwing up from the pain. Life was pretty miserable.    

Dr. Cook had a solution that was much better than Opioids. I went to his clinic and we did a round of ‘Neuro Prolo’. After my treatment my pain was gone and I was feeling so much better.   

Shawn Dollar/Matt Cook, M.D.