Pharmaceutical Testimonials


“I have a friend who experimented with all kinds of drugs. You name it. He’d done it. But the only thing he said he needed help quitting with, was Benzos.” I did a keynote in Sweden once and a guy approached me afterward and told me that.

I was on Benzos for 18 months. I was a drug addict. My behavior was appalling. I even physically threatened my doctor if he didn’t prescribe more pills. I was given the pills for sleep. It helped. It helped like crazy. I was able to sleep for the first time after the hit. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours a night, for 14 days when I got the pills. It was heaven on earth.

As my tolerance grew for the pills, so did my addiction. When I finally met my current neurologist, he asked me what medication I was on. I answered benzos. He said it was a great short time solution and asked me for how long I had been on them. When I answered 15 months, he almost had a heart attack. At that point, I had taken around 600 pills. He put me on a plan where I slowly weaned off the benzos. During the time I weaned off the benzos, I was scared to go to sleep and afraid to wake up. All in all, I got valuable insight into what legal drugs can do to you. Do I recommend accumulating that insight on your own? Hell no. Call me! It’s easier. I'll save you the hassle.

Robson Lindberg

After my hospitalization, I was given phenobarbital because I had suffered seizures in the hospital. A lesson I learned while taking the medicine while reading the side effects was eye-opening. The possible side-effect of taking it was the possibility of having suicidal thoughts. The thought of thinking about suicide did not make any sense to me. I was proactive to not think negatively and to continue to think positively. Another side-effect that all anti-epileptic medicines have is feeling lethargic. I have felt myself tired and mentally exhausted on many days.

Ferdinand Ortiz Jr. (Tito)