Infrared Saunas

The body is in a very traumatic state while healing a brain injury. Pain is a vicious cycle, constantly reinforcing itself. For example, being in pain can force you into poor posture with tense muscles, which further exacerbates the original pain. It is important to take measures to try to break this cycle and alleviate some of the pain from sore muscles, so that extra energy is freed up to start healing the brain. —- One of my favorite methods of relaxation involves the infrared sauna. Sweating helps detoxify the body, which can be very helpful in stressful times. They are believed to help alleviate pain and inflammation, relax your muscles and joints, and promote parasympathetic, or “rest and digest”, firing. —- However, stay aware of your heart rate and if your symptoms increase alongside it. Also, the dysautonomia that can result from TBI can affect temperature regulation and can make extreme heat problematic.

Write up by Kellie Pokrifka

One of my favorite places for infrared sauna and cold plunges is the Russian Spa (Voda Spa in Los Angeles). Such a good detox and helps reduce inflammation.

Harley Rose Taich