Sleep is one of the basics for brain recovery. It's an essential.

Patient Reviews

I have also added mindfulness training to help me sleep at night. ( before the training I would try to go to bed at 8:30pm and wouldn't fall asleep until 4am.) So I would go to sleep tired and still wake up tired. The mindfulness training didn't fully take away my sleep issue but did help out a bit. now I'm able to lay down for bed at 8:30pm and be a sleep by 8:45pm 

Jessica Brooks

Sleep is absolutely critical to healing all parts of the body. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. When I was healing I needed 10-12 hours. The brain heals during sleep. If you have any kind of head injury, embrace the fact that you are going to need a whole lot of sleep. You are not lazy.    

Shawn Dollar

70% of those with TBI cannot get proper sleep. Every concussion symptom is exacerbated by a lack of sleep- just think of how groggy your mind feels when you are tired. Brains can really only heal and detox in non-REM sleep- the brain’s immune system, the glymphatic system, is 10x more active during sleep. •• Sleep Tips- •Apps like CBT-1 Coach, Sleep Genius, Calm, and Head Space can help train
better sleep. •Blue light, such as that on phone screens and computers, should not be used within 2 hours before bed. •Magnesium and Melatonin can be offered as supplements. •Use relaxing essential oils such as lavender and ylang ylang.

Kellie Pokrifka