Culture Expanded Stem Cell Therapy

This is an extremely expensive treatment $20,000-$50,000

Government clinical studies on Stem Cell therapy:




This treatment was recommended by Shawn Dollar

Reviews of treatment by patients

 I received 210 million stem cells in an IV. When they give the high dosages they travel into the brain. The cells went to work and started regenerating all the damaged areas in my body. My knee no longer has pain and my neck is much stronger. What I noticed the most is that I could think clearly. The fog was lifted. Within 2 days I felt like my old self. The stem cells were reconnecting and regenerating pathways in my brain.    My mood mellowed. I was truly happy, calm and present again. My wife can see the change in me the most, this truly brought me back to the person I was before the accident. We are back in love.   

Shawn Dollar/Matt Cook, anesthesiologist in Bay Area California