Vestibular Testing 

It is important to have the vestibular system tested in order to diagnose if the damage causing balance disturbances and dizziness is neurological or structural. 

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Patient Experiences

I can’t overstate the importance of the Oculo-Vision Evaluation in the overall examinations. Frenzel glasses are something that I was forced to wear in order to see if there was something structurally wrong with my balance and vision. There wasn’t. It is/was all neurological. Which is good, because it can all be reprogrammed, but it also feels very vague. But don’t get discouraged. Neurological is a good thing. It just takes a crap load of rehab.   

Robson Lindberg

Having my vestibular system tested was a game changer. Doctors could understand why Vestibular, Speech and Exertion therapy were making me worse. The actual testing was hell. It triggered such bad symptoms I had to be carried out of the office and it took weeks for me to recover. However, this test showed that I have TBI induced Migrainous Vestibular (a type of migraine). This drastically changed my recovery for the better. 

Audrey Lambidakis