Vielight Alpha

The Vielight uses low level visible red to near infrared light to promote energy production (ATP) and improve blood circulation in the brain. It can be used at home or in a clinical setting.  It's meant be warn for 20 minutes per day up to 6 days a week. Vielight Alpha is the unit designed for brain injury recovery, however, evidence for this unit is anecdotal.  While there is promising research for the Gamma unit (used in Alzhiemers) brain injury research on the Alpha is limited. They do offer an 80% return policy for up to 6 months.  Results will vary. There are numerous devices claiming to be effective for brain injury recovery.  However, they should NOT BE USED IN PLACE OF EVIDENCE-BASED REHAB BUT RATHER TO SUPPORT IT.

This treatment was suggested by Molly Parker

Reviews by Patients

I used this for 5 months.  I did notice some benefit when used prior to my exercises, but not enough to keep it given the price.  If you are short on money I would put it into guided rehab with a healthcare professional over this.  However, it can be used to support your recovery. *My system responded best to gradual use of this device. If I did more then 2 days in a row, it was too much. Part of creating neuroplasticity is dosage (how much/how often)... realize this is going to vary for everyone.

Molly Parker