I have heard some of the best neurologists in the world speak at conferences around the US. Meditation and yoga are scientifically proven to open up new pathways in the brain. I practice yoga at least 5 days a week. Meditation is helpful for all. There are many apps with guided meditations: Head Space and Insight Timer are my go to apps. These two things have helped me the most in my recovery. Yoga changed my life and health. I recommend a Vinyasa flow not Bikram.

Harley Rose Taich

Yoga has been instrumental in my recovery. It has helped my vestibular issues, stress and anxiety, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain (I sustained whiplash with my concussion, too).  The candlelight stretch and relaxation yoga class at my neighborhood Oxygen Yoga Studio is my happy place. I have had a consistent headache since my concussion and deal with debilitating migraines four to five times a week. Their infrared sauna room is one of the only places/things that provides me with some relief.  They have a bunch of studios across Canada and newcomers can buy a weekly-unlimited pass for only $10. You can also check out Love Your Brain Yoga.  Free six week programs are offered to brain injury survivors and their caregivers. This is a great and affordable way to experience yoga and meditation. Caveat: Talk to your doctors before yoga. Start small with a relaxation yoga class and talk to the yoga instructor before class, so she will know to give you modifications.  

Kirsten Short