Zelinsky Z-Bell Test

After concussion, the sensory processing of the vision and hearing can become misaligned. Your visual information may take slightly longer to process than your auditory information, which takes up to 80% more energy than a normal integration would require. This clearly leads to neuro-fatigue. Zelinsky invented the Z-Bell test which calculates which prisms and colored tints will help offset this delay. The practitioner stands in front of the seated patient with a bell. The patient shuts his eyes and reaches out to tap where he believes the ringing bell is located. People with this deficit can be off on their guesses by inches. The practitioner tests different lenses over the patient until he correctly and consistently guesses the location of the sound. Zelinsky practitioners will also conduct what is called the Prism Walk. The patient’s gait, or walk, will be evaluated down an empty hallway as a prism lens is adjusted for different positions over their eye. For example, the classic hunched over position resulting from a concussion can be corrected if the prism is adjusted so the patient’s eye tells his brain that he is walking down a hill. Patients will continue to see their practitioner for updated prescriptions every three months until there is no longer an issue.

Write up by Kellie Pokrifka